Help & Support

In the list below you'll find answers to common questions concerning how to setup your account, post images, write and receive comments, become an A+ member, live within the community, and other general questions. If you are experiencing a problem or require technical assistance, please contact us.

General Questions

  1. What is Aminus3?
  2. What are the rules for using Aminus3?
  3. Will I have to pay to use Aminus3?
  4. What time does my site change to the next day?
  5. How do I create links or bold text using the formatting buttons?
  6. What are the known issues with Internet Explorer?
  7. How can people subscribe to my blog by email or auto-post to social networks?
  8. How do I upload photos from an iOS device like iPad or iPhone?

Account & Settings

  1. What is the archive page?
  2. What is the portfolio page?
  3. What is a Remix?
  4. Is there a limit on Remixes?
  5. How do I change the colors/fonts of my Aminus3 site?
  6. Can I customize the layout/template of my Aminus3 site?
  7. How do I change my email address?
  8. How do I change my password?
  9. Where I can I post annoucements or information on every post?
  10. Can I display links to other photography blogs or websites?
  11. Can I block images containing adult content?
  12. Why is my site "pending activation"?
  13. Will my account ever be deleted?
  14. Can I download / export my data to create a local backup?
  15. How do I cancel/remove my account?
  16. What is account suspension?


  1. Why is my name/city/country/website not correct when I comment?
  2. Why is there no link to my page when I post a comment on another blog?
  3. Can I edit or remove comments made on my Aminus3 site?
  4. How do I reply to a comment?
  5. How do I know if someone has replied to my comments?
  6. Can I have new comments emailed to me?
  7. How does Aminus3 prevent comment spam?
  8. Why do my friend's comments get marked as spam?
  9. Why do I have to login in every tab in iOS Safari to post a comment?
  10. How do I report comments that are offensive to me?


  1. What is the file size limit for uploading images?
  2. What types of files can I upload?
  3. What is the maximum display width of an image?
  4. What is the maximum display height of an image?
  5. What is High Resolution Display?
  6. How do I resize my image?
  7. Is there a limit on the number of images I can upload?
  8. Can I display/upload more than one image for a specific date?
  9. How do I upload a new image for a different date?
  10. How do I delete an image?
  11. Can I automatically watermark images I upload?
  12. Can I change the watermark position after my image has been uploaded?
  13. Can I customize my watermark?
  14. Can I change a posted image without losing my comments?
  15. Can I change the date of an image without uploading again?
  16. How do I get EXIF data to display for my images?
  17. Why did my image get rotated after upload?
  18. Why do my images look different compared to Photoshop?
  19. Can I post images containing adult content?
  20. Can I post images that were not taken by me?
  21. Can I send an image to Aminus3 through my mobile phone?
  22. Can people view the original, unscaled images I upload?
  23. How do I prevent people from using my images?
  24. How does uploading an image affect the image quality?
  25. What are those stars next to my image?
  26. Can I rate my own images?
  27. What is the color bar under my image?
  28. I added a tag to an image but it is now showing up in the list


  1. How do I search for another member in the community?
  2. Why does my name not display on the list of community members?
  3. Why is my name greyed out on the list of community members?
  4. Why does my image for today not display on the community page?
  5. Why is my image count different on the community page and archive page?
  6. What images featured on the Aminus3 front page?
  7. Can I setup a Blog Watch to track my favorite Aminus3 blogs?
  8. Where can I see a list of community images by date?
  9. How are recent comments selected on the Aminus3 front page?
  10. How are featured images chosen?
  11. How is the color featured images chosen?
  12. How are Remixes selected on the Aminus3 Remix page?

A+ Membership

  1. What is A+ Membership?
  2. What are the features of A+ Membership?
  3. How much does A+ Membership cost?
  4. How do I pay for my A+ Membership?
  5. Do I have to be a PayPal Member?
  6. Can my PayPal email be different than my Aminus3 email?
  7. Is my credit card stored on Aminus3?
  8. Is the payment transaction secure?
  9. So where do I sign up?
  10. How can I tell if I have an active A+ Membership?
  11. Help, I've paid but my account is not upgraded... what do I do?
  12. What happens if my A+ Membership subscription expires?
  13. What if my country is not supported by the payment processor?
  14. Is it possible to have a refund?


Need further assistance? Contact technical support and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.